SPN Communications is one of the oldest and largest communication agencies in Eastern Europe. Founded in 1990. It has five main offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Almaty and Istanbul as well as divisions in 20 major cities of Russia.

It is included in the TOP-5 of the National Rating of Communication Companies (NR2C) at the end of 2019. It is a multiple winner of prestigious international and Russian awards in the field of communications and public relations.

Since 2018, it has been representing the PROI Worldwide network of independent PR agencies in Russia. The agency is a permanent member of professional and industry associations and unions: Russian Association for Public Relations, Associations of Consulting Companies in the field of Public Relations, Association of Managers of Russia, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, Russian Association of Marketing Services, Russian Event Marketing Associations and National Association of Event Marketing Organizers.

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  • 360° integrated campaigns
  • Corporate and Product PR
  • Leadership communications
  • International communications
  • Support of government and CSR projects
  • Media trainings
  • SMM: Storytelling
  • Reputation management
  • Guerrilla campaigns
  • Ambassadors and bloggers – Audience engagement
  • Website development, mobile applications
  • Events of any complexity - from press breakfasts to stadium-scale events
  • Planning and production of events of any format for companies and individuals, organization of MICE projects anywhere in Russia and the world
Anti-crisis communications
  • Monitoring 24 \ 7
  • Statement, Q&A
  • Operational communication with journalists
  • Initiation of informational occasion
  • Development of communication and marketing strategy
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Attracting the attention and participation of government representatives to solving important business problems and tasks
  • Organizing events with the participation of government representatives
  • Conducting negotiations and organizing joint projects of government agencies and businesses
Market research and Media Space
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Research (Marketing and Media)
Brand Creation
  • Branding development
  • Branding (rebranding, a comprehensive technological solution)
  • Design
  • Developing a creative strategy
Project activities for the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
The problem
The low level of financial literacy of the population and the communication information of citizens about the possibility of its improvement.
Agency's decision
Development of a communication strategy to improve the level of financial literacy of the population; creative strategy of new educational and educational events and expansion of their geography; involvement of representatives of the public and private sectors in the Project activities (including the media, education);

integration of the project into specialized events (Moscow Financial Forum, Moscow International Union of Education, etc.); local shift of emphasis on the problem for a specialized audience of the professional sphere; online exhibition MMSO 2020.
The huge accumulated experience of the Project in improving the financial literacy of the population-demonstration of developed materials, scenarios of lessons and extracurricular activities, teaching aids for teachers, kindergarten classes, etc. Attracting a wide audience of teachers from the regions to online lectures-the possibility of integrating financial literacy into the educational process without costs is demonstrated (all materials can be downloaded on the Project website).

The audience of the Project has been increased by attracting listeners from different cities of Russia.
Project activity for the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow
The problem
The Moscow government, on the one hand, faced the problem of a shortage of representatives of working professions, and on the other hand, a decrease in interest in them from the population.
Agency's decision
Bright and differentiating positioning for the Technograd educational complex. A single Big Idea - «Knowledge that works permeates the communication campaign. In Moscow." To attract the attention of a multi-age target audience, we used our own clear insights. Launch and communication support in the 360 format of the first Russian supermarket of professions "Technograd": digital campaign, advertising (outdoor, print, TV and radio), events (generating leads for events and their information support).
The total coverage of the campaign was more than 50 million contacts (according to Medialogy). As of 30.10.2018, more than 50 thousand people visited Technograd. According to the results of the advertising campaign in social networks and contextual advertising, more than 10 thousand people registered for Technograd classes. On September 7, 1.5 weeks after the launch of the comprehensive communication campaign, the entry for September was suspended due to the full booking of seats until the end of the month. Facebook Instagram (coverage of 3,448,578), Instagram (coverage of 62,470), Vkontakte (coverage of 1,250,259). PR campaign: The total number of media reports as of 30.10.2018 was 1,755 publications.

More than 40 TV shows were produced on federal and regional TV. The total audience coverage in the media was more than 30 million people. Advertising campaign: The campaign involved 314 advertising surfaces, including in the VDNH area. The offline advertising campaign reached more than 13 million contacts.
Toyota Motor Russia
The problem
Brand promotion among market leaders, participation in the development of a global marketing strategy and provision of anti-crisis PR services in the information field.
Agency's decision
Development PR and SMM brand' strategy; Communication management: comprehensive PR support for the brand, media relations (press support for events and press tours, a loyalty program for journalists, initiation of materials in the media); SM management (maintaining brand accounts in social networks, SERM);

Sports marketing (Management of a team of athletes-brand ambassadors (loyalty program, branding, content plan, integration into brand events.
Increased brand loyalty, increased consumer growth, and entry into the TOP-5 market leaders based on sales results for 2020. Building the image of Toyota as a socially responsible company that constantly contributes to the development of society; Broadcasting the priority values of the company that cares about its customers; Increasing the social level of trust in the company as a reliable and safe brand.
International communications: Turkey – Russia
The problem
In connection with the construction of the Turkish Stream, the Russian side faced a negative perception of the project by the Turkish population.
Agency's decision
Creating a comprehensive communication campaign to support the project to maximize the reach of the target audience of all countries involved in the project. Introductory press tours (Novy Urengoy, Moscow, Anapa, Germany); A series of expert round tables;

Special projects in leading Turkish publications; Creation of documentaries; Advertising campaign; Mobile application for the Turkish population; Social projects; Coverage of key stages of construction.
The number of publications in Turkish media increased 13-fold (from 2,902 in 2017 to 38,900 in 2019); The Turkish Stream project became the third most discussed topic in Turkish media in November 2018 (other topics: 1. Elections, 2. G20 Summit); Strengthening media relations; Raising awareness of the benefits of the Turkish Stream in Central Asia; Increasing confidence in the project;

Changing the image for the better. Formation of a positive image of the Turkish Stream project among Central Asia. Information support of the Turkish Stream project in Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.
MTS "Generation M"
Organization of events for the largest charity project in Russia
The problem
"Generation M " is the largest charity project in Russia, combining the idea of developing children's creativity and helping seriously ill children. High competition in the telecom market has led to the blurring of price and quality differences between the services of operators, in these conditions, customer loyalty comes to the fore.
Agency's decision
In order to involve a wide audience in MTS ' social activities, to get a large coverage in social networks and the federal and regional media, and to create the effect of "word of mouth", the charity project "Generation M" was created, within the framework of which a creative group of cultural and show business stars was formed. Each master is a curator of his own direction. All mentors work for Generation M for free, sharing the values of the charity project.

The winners of the annual contest of creative talents organize road shows in the regions of Russia with their curators and organize charity performances or presentations of their works. The Agency actively covers these events in the federal and local media and social networks. At the first stage, the project was accompanied by the organization of a charity performance "The Mowgli Generation" with the participation of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation.
The development of the MTS perception as a socially-oriented business, in order to build trust in the company through informing a wide audience about the project; the creation of a key, maximally involved group of participants within the project, which has already become the driver of the organic promotion of the project and the ambassadors of the MTS brand. The audience coverage in social networks amounted to more than 50 million users in 2020. within the framework of the project, 120 events were held in the regions covering 600 thousand people. more than 25 of them are major federal events with the participation of federal 8 / 13 "stars" in all areas of the project.

According to the results of the year, the team of project masters exceeded 200 cultural and show business figures, as well as partners, including GITIS, the Tretyakov Gallery, Eksmo Publishing House, Robot Corporation, Eralash, Smeshariki, Restless, Polina Gagarina, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Igor Gulyaev, Alexander Adabashyan, etc. All major federal events in the regions were supported by the authorities, which helped to reduce the cost of renting sites (most of them were provided free of charge), attract 2,500 volunteers, including among MTS partners and corporate clients, and cover educational institutions with communications.
The Year of Memory and Glory
The Year of Memory and Glory 2020
The problem
Changing the key meanings of communication
  • generational communication,
  • pride in your country,
  • countering the falsification of historical facts,
  • the memory of those who fought for our country in the rear
Agency's decision
In order to carry the importance of preserving the history of our country through the entire Year of Memory and Glory, the "Days of Unified Actions" were used as a tool — each major memorial day was accompanied by a number of synchronized All-Russian actions and events. These days, all the actions were dedicated to preserving the memory of the most important milestones of the Great Patriotic War.
86 Best projects in Media and Social Networks

The results of the best projects with the involvement of bloggers and celebrities: Blockade bread, Immortal Regiment online, # okna_pobody, Candle of Memory online, Garden of Memory, Victory Train, etc.

Total coverage: 10 240 650
Project audience: 1 987 702 445
Engagement: 13 432 188
Social media mentions: 903 638
Media mentions: 170 324



Andrey Barannikov
27 years of experience in public relations.
Member of the jury and expert councils of numerous industry competitions. Winner of IABC Gold Quill, SABRE, Global SABRE, Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards, IPRA Golden World Awards, Silver Archer, Media Manager of the Year, etc. The first Russian expert was inducted into the ICCO Hall of Fame.
Creator and inspirer of the Baltic Weekend and PROBA Awards projects.
In 2020, for the eighth time, he entered the TOP 1000 Russian managers and the TOP 5 top managers of Russia in the field of "Professional Services" (according to Kommersant and the Association of Managers of Russia).
Knows all about football, the History of India, features of the East and LEGO.
Andrey Barannikov
27 years of experience in public relations.
Member of the jury and expert councils of numerous industry competitions. Winner of IABC Gold Quill, SABRE, Global SABRE, Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards, IPRA Golden World Awards, Silver Archer, Media Manager of the Year, etc. The first Russian expert was inducted into the ICCO Hall of Fame.
Creator and inspirer of the Baltic Weekend and PROBA Awards projects.
In 2020, for the eighth time, he entered the TOP 1000 Russian managers and the TOP 5 top managers of Russia in the field of "Professional Services" (according to Kommersant and the Association of Managers of Russia).
Knows all about football, the History of India, features of the East and LEGO.
Alexandra Ermakova
Deputy General Director

She has been working at SPN Communications since 2015. Experience in the field of PR and communications – more than 10 years.
Coordinates and implements projects, organizes the preparation of tender proposals, communication strategies and programs for clients. Responsible for customer service and customer feedback.
Clients: LG Electronics, Audi, Toyota, Turkish Stream, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, AMD, VTB, Radisson Hotels & Resorts, GE, MSD, MTS, RVC and many others.
Before joining SPN Communications, she worked in the PR agency "Ideas&Solutions" and in the press service of the family cafe chain "AnderSon".
In her spare time from work, she enjoys yoga, knitting, active reading and Greek.
Julia Leonova
Deputy General Director
Director of the St. Petersburg Office
Coordinates the work of project teams, participates in development of creative ideas and concepts, communicates with clients and is responsible for the quality of services.
She joined the agency's team in 2017. Experience in the field of communications - 8 years.
Prior to the agency, she worked with professional non-profit organizations and was the organizer of the annual All-Russian Forum of Self-Regulating Organizations, held as part of the Russian Business Week of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. During 2018-2020, she led a project of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to improve financial literacy, providing full PR and Event support.
Clients: Ministry of Finance of Russia, Department of Information Technologies of the Government of Moscow, Russian Venture Company, etc.
In her spare time, she likes to receive guests, arrange quizzes and travel. She is fond of psychology and drawing unconscious drawings (doodling).

Evgeny Karabinsky
Director of the Kazakhstan Office
He launched the SPN office in Almaty in 2015, and now engaged in its development at the regional level – the office serves clients in all countries of Central Asia.
Prior to joining SPN Communications, he worked in the event and BTL industries, implementing many major projects. He joined the SPN team in Kiev in 2008, having worked his way up from Event Manager to Director of the Event Management Practice.
Svetlana Polevaya
Business Development Director
New Business Departmen
She conducts communication with clients, coordinates the work of the tender team, participates in the development of creative ideas and concepts, and writes strategies.
Responsible for customer service and further customer development.
Prior to joining SPN Communications, she worked in many Moscow event agencies, co-founded her own event agency for 3 years; has expertise in producing world-famous artists and creative projects in the field of art, has successful experience in attracting foreign and Russian investments in projects of various scales.
Clients: CHANEL, Cartier, GT, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, VesperMoscow, JTI, COTY, MasterCard, SKOLKOVO, Ritz Carlton.
More than 14 years of experience in the event industry.
In her spare time, she sews shoes and leather bags, shoots arrows, and snowboards.
Elena Osetskaya
Head of Practice for Working with Fuel and Energy Companies
She heads the practice for working with Fuel and Energy companies. Manages the work on communication support of the international project "Turkish Stream", representing the interests of the client not only in Russia, but also in Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries of Southern and South-Eastern Europe.

19 years in communications. Rich experience of interaction with various target audiences. She has worked with leading international and Russian companies. Our clients include Gazprom, KFC, Teva, Bosch, DHL, Brandy de Jerez, Marks & Spencer, Bombardier, Bayer and many others.

In her spare time, she brings up two children, is fond of cynology and travel.
Alexey Dvortsov
Head of Event Management Practice
Experience in the event industry for more than 13 years.
Responsible for the organization of corporate, international, protocol, exhibition, business, sports, MICE, entertainment and promotional events, develops creative concepts and fully coordinates the team of event managers and contractors.
Prior to joining SPN Communications, he worked for major Moscow communication and event agencies. Experience in organizing projects and installation of the platform for the event on the entire Eurasian continent: from Fort Boyard on the Atlantic coast of France to the island "Russian" in the Sea of Japan near Vladivostok.
Clients: UEFA, GE Healthcare, BOSCH, Geely, MTS, RVC, Ministry of Finance of Russia, VTB Bank, PSB Bank.
In his spare time, he likes hiking and cycling in the forests, and goes in for sports. He is fond of travel, aviation, and photography. He is an honorary supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
Polina Mozeson
Account Director
Corporate Public Affairs practice
Conducts communication with clients, coordinates the work of project team, participates in the development of creative ideas and concepts, writing communication strategies and plans.
At SPN, she is responsible for working with clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, working with clients such as MSD, GE, General Electric Healthcare, and Cytiva.
Prior to joining SPN, she worked in communications agencies in R.I.M Porter Novelle, CROSS, Art communications Group with clients from pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Banking, FMCG, Retail, Dark market.
Among the key clients: the All-Russian Union of Insurers in the field of compulsory Health insurance, GlaxoSmithKlein, Diageo, British American Tobacco, SvyazBank, DeloBank, Ascona, Magnit, Sheremetyevo Airport.
Speaks English and German.
In her spare time, she practices yoga, dances, studies journalism, leads excursions, and leads a film club.
Evgeniy Privalov
Account Manager
He is engaged in subscriber PR-service of key clients, is responsible for the organization of the external press service of clients, conducts communications in the media and Social media.
He graduated from the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications of St. Petersburg State University with honors. He joined the SPN team in 2018 as an intern after graduating from the university, having experience of internships in the press service of VTB and Russian Capital banks.
Clients: "BAT Russia", Radisson Hotel Group, Charitable Foundation "Memory of Generations" - events within the Year of Memory and Glory 2020, "Citymobil", Baltika Brewing Company, Lifan Motors, etc.
In his spare time, he plays sports and watches Netflix.
Special Projects

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