SPN Communications Agency took part in the annual RASO communication forum "PR-2023 Days"

On December 1, the session "Industrial tourism - a universal communication tool for solving business problems" was held, where the speaker was Ivan Sumarokov, Director of Strategic Planning at SPN Communications agency.

The discussion centered on new forms and functions of industrial tourism in communications with audiences. Ivan cited cases from international practice, where industrial tourism has become a key marketing tool and shared his opinion on the necessity of such projects.

"For companies in the B2C sector, industrial tourism, in addition to becoming a tool to work on their image, reputation and communication, can become a good element in the sales funnel. Such an element of promotion, with proper conversion, improves the business performance of the company" - shared his opinion Ivan.

Also the speaker of the session on the problems of education in the field of public relations was Elizabeth Otgon, strategic planning manager of SPN Communications agency. Elizabeth recently finished her bachelor's degree and shared her experience of studying and finding a job in the field of communications.

This year's RASO Practical Conference "PR Days-2023" is dedicated to the issues of PR/GR strategies in 2024, the latest communication practices, current issues of regulation in the field of communications, women's leadership in business and politics, as well as challenges for the system of professional education in the field of PR.
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