AfterPartyBW & Best Cases 2022 enent held in Moscow

The event was opened by Andrey Barannikov, CEO of SPN Communications, Vice President, RASO and Chairman of the Baltic Weekend organizing committee: "Our industry has been cut off from relevant international expertise and trends, but at the same time it gives Russian professionals an impetus to create something of their own, interesting and original"
The first event of the day was the "Trends of the Year" discussion, which was opened by Arina Khodyreva, PBN Vice President for Integrated Communications. On the expert's agenda: about the culture of abolition, the sphere of brand communication, social policy and brand activism.
One of the key topics of the business part was the new identity: how business and the sphere of communications feel themselves in the updated realities, anti-crisis and personal strategies. At the "Trends of the Year" discussion, Evgeny Zhuravlev, CEO of the BLEC agency. noted that the news agenda began to determine the content, the planning horizon has closed. "It is necessary to increase the requirements for the organization of work, the role of a leader standing above the operational routine has increased" - Evgeny. Lilia Glazova, PR News, AKOS, in her speech about Russian-made products emphasized the following: "It is important to talk about a new strategy, there is a question of the future, which is the main issue. There is an agenda for Russian production - and it is relevant".

The panelists of the "Redistribution of Economy" discussion were: Tatiana Zvereva, KFC; Alexander Pavlov, Vkusno i Tochka; Arina Khodyreva, PBN Vice President for Integrated Communications; Lana Samarina, TASS; Evgeny Zhuravlev, BLEC Agency. The following topics were discussed: bipolarity of communications, rebranding, sharing experience between businesses, work and stability, communication between the state and people.

The following speakers took part in the blitz session: Lilia Glazova, PR News, AKOS; Yaroslav Fedoseyev, TV channel "Worse than Fedoseyev"; Evgeny Zhuravlev, BLEC Agency; Arina Khodyreva, PBN; Maria Zaikina, OZON; Yulia Poletaeva, ANO Dialogue. The main theses of the session:
"We need to stop waiting for sanctions to be lifted. These sanctions are forever in our lives. We need to learn to survive and cooperate, to make our country even greater" - Evgeny Zhuravlev.
"Do not give up planning, find a balance, some vector where to move. Otherwise you create an imbalance for those who depend on you" - Maria Zaikina.
"Now GR is the new PR" - Yulia Poletaeva.
"Communicators need to remain an island of security and stability" - Alexander Pavlov.

During the day, the AfterPartyBW & Best Cases business program included four discussions on important issues of the communications industry and a case session where communications experts shared their personal techniques and solutions for 2022.
The business part ended with an awards ceremony honoring the best cases of 2022 according to a survey by Prognosis.  
The evening of the day ended with AfterPartyBW with a performance by the band Prepinaki.

The Forum Organizing Committee sincerely thanks the participants for their interest in Baltic Weekend events during 2022!

The forum is organized by SPN Communications agency.
Official partner of the forum: BLEC Agency.
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