The CEO of SPN Communications spoke about the experience of implementing international projects during the period of sanctions and geopolitical instability

On January 22, the round- table discussion "Communications and PR-strategies: trends and development prospects in 2024" was held at the House of Journalists as part of the Silver Archer North-West award, where strategies in key PR areas and working tools for promotion were discussed. Speakers were members of the jury, including Andrei Barannikov, CEO of SPN Communications, Elena Davydova, Head of Department at Gazprom, Ekaterina Sharova, Head of the Hermitage Media Department at the State Hermitage Museum, and others. The experts shared their experience of the past year.
Andrei Barannikov spoke about the specifics of working with Africa and Asia. As part of the agency's work, full-scale projects to promote the Forum and the Russia-Africa Summit were realized and a project aimed at communication support for SPIEF in Africa and Asia was implemented. The agency conducted an in-depth analysis of the target audience to identify the cultural and, most importantly, business peculiarities of each country. During the project we faced geopolitical, bureaucratic, language difficulties and bans in other countries due to the current situation in the world. But thanks to the team's professionalism, unique analytics and expertise in engaging with these countries - we were able to achieve effective engagement results.

"With all the experience we had at the beginning of the project, we realized that we were entering a completely new level for us," said Andrei Barannikov about the beginning of work. The final indicators of the conducted work speak about the right tactics and effectiveness of working tools in such events.
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