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22 Jun 2015
SPN Communications won 7 IABC Gold Quill Awards and was named one of the world’s TOP 3 communications agencies
SPN Communications became the first Russian consultancy ever to get into top three Large Agencies of the Year, according to one of the most prestigious global awards programs, IABC Gold Quill. 
26 May 2015
Three-time finalist of SABRE AWARDS 2015
Agency won the most famous PR contest SABRE Awards
09 Apr 2015
Second year in a row agency gets six IABC GOLD QUILL AWARDS
One of the most prestigious industry competitions in the world awarded two campaigns
05 Apr 2015
7 Best Books for Copywriters and Creatives
Creative director of SPN Communications aboyt best bookd for copywriters
05 Apr 2015
Norilsk hosted the festival of scientific discoveris Artctic Wave
In Norilsk sratred the Festival of Scientific Discoveries
10 Mar 2015
Communications service 360 degrees in Almaty
02 Mar 2015
7 Best Books about Branding, Marketing and Strategic Planning from strategists of the agency
Strategists of the agency share best books ever
19 Feb 2015
On 19 February results of the XVIII National Award in Public Relations Silver Archer were announced in Moscow. 
15 Jan 2015
Five global PR trends
The Holmes Report, the leading industrial analytical portal about PR, together with ICCO, International Communications Consultancy Organisation, presented the annual report about communications industry World PR Report.
22 Dec 2014
SPN Communications supported the development of donorship program
Agency team became blooddonors

Three-time finalist of SABRE AWARDS 2015

26 May 2015

Three projects of the agency SPN Communications entered the short-list of one of the most prestigious international PR-awards - SABRE Awards 2015. The agency became the leader in the number of project-nominees among Russian finalists.

The project - One Country - One Team entered the short-list in nomination Russia and CIS countries. This project was implemented for the Council of Assistance of the Russian Olympic Committee within the scope of Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The nomination Educational and Cultural Institutions featured Communication Laboratory, a joint project of SPN Communications and Russian Venture Company. The all-Russian charity project Mowgli Generation became the finalist in the nomination Telecommunications; it was developed and implemented by MTS together with the event management department of SPN Communications.

Winner of SABRE Awards 2015 will be announced at the awards ceremony that will take place in London on 19 May. 

The all-Russian campaign One Country - One Team was carried out in anticipation of Winter Olympics in Sochi aiming at introducing sport fans to the huge Russian Olympic national team and winter sports, at uniting the country into one big team supporting Olympic athletes. SPN Communications arranged the personal PR-assistance to each of 500 candidates to the national team and developed the first in Russia daily Internet-journal about Olympic athletes. 

In October-December along with the Olympic Torch Relay the road-show the House of Russian National Olympic Team (the House) was arranged. The House invited residents of 17 Russian regions to visit the House of Russian Olympic athletes, meet our sport stars and find out more about the national team and Olympic discipline. During the Olympics the Olympic park in Sochi hosted the House of sport fans of the Russian Olympic national team - this was the first project of a kind arranged for sport fans. Visitors of the house could experience the life of Olympic athletes with the help of 144 interactive exhibits that included the real sports equipment belonging to Soviet and Russian champions. Major decoration of the House was the exhibition of Winter Olympics torches from the collection of the Prince of Monaco while the heart of the House was the club zone that hosted talk-shows with the athletes and guests, sports competition broadcasts and broadcasts of award ceremonies of Sochi Winter Olympics winners on the large screen. The House of the Russian Olympic national team and the House of sport fans have been visited by over half a million people. By the end of the campaign 17,000 publications were published and the slogan 'One Country - One Team' was in everyone's mouth: sportsmen, state officials and thousands of Russians.

The educational-networking project Communication Laboratory was launched by the Russian Venture Company and SPN Communications with the purpose to overcome the information span between the Russian science community and mass media, to encourage their efficient communication with each other and finally to bring up in Russia the new class of specialists - science communicators. In 2014 the project united over 460 participants from all over Russia. The scope of this project included: 25 educating and discussion events for scientists and journalists, 12 press-tours to research organisations, published collection of practices Formula of Scientific PR, for the first time press-secretaries of the science and research organisations were awarded with the industry award, launched experimental service for exchanging science news Open Science.  Major achievement of this project may be considered the qualitative changes in covering the news of the Russian science in mass media and in communication practices used by science and research institutions.  

The all-Russian charity project by MTS and Constantine Khabensky Fund united the idea of developing creativity in kids and teenagers from different regions of the country and collection of funds for children suffering from serious diseases.  The project consists of two parts: theatre part and virtual part. Major theatre event of the project is children musical play Mowgli Generation in which talented people from different regions of the country play on the same stage with the well-known movie and pop stars. Famous actors, musicians, directors and choreographers participate in this production.

Virtual creative ground of the project is the Internet portal and the group in social network VKontakte where kids can display their talents, participate in contests, master-classes and interactive work-shops.  For every work downloaded to the website, for every comment, voting, Likes and share reposts in social networks participants get the points and thus enlarge the charity fund of the project. At the end of the year MTS and partners transfer exchange collected points into real money together with all the funds collected from the sale of tickets to Mowgli Generation play, all collected funds are used for treatment of the kids with serious diseases.

Over 25,000 people saw the premier of the play Mowgli Generation in Ufa, Kazan and Moscow, over 180 children took part in the production. The project was awarded with the International Theatre Award named after Stanislavsky For contribution into development of theatre art, for the first time in history the charity project of the business company got the award.  Internet audience of the project reached over six million people while over 325,000 children took part in creative on-line and off-line events from all over Russia.

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